Diplom work: MESH

Title: MESH

Short description:

A part of my room is rebuilt and all objects are simplified. The space is represented in real time and measurements, simplified in form, but detailed in visual context. Through multiple photos of particular part of the room, the software processes 2d information from a photo into 3d data of the space that is photographed through technique of 3d scanning (photogrammetry). New possibility emerges with representing the photographed space as a 3d scan. The image is then projected onto walls and objects in order to reveal more detailed information about them. The fine graphic structure of every object shown on the model gives another, more transparent sense of oneself privacy and fragility of space. The wireframe aesthetics that derived from a 3d scan consists of great number of thin lines going through space creating a structure of it and all the elements within it, showing how fragile space can be. By projecting a scanned version of the same space it creates a paradoxical loop as a visible self-reference to the fragility of private space.


3D render of the concept


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