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I am thrilled to introduce my free 3D model pack, carefully curated to empower designers. With over 30 meticulously crafted models and a commitment to ongoing updates, I invite you to explore the limitless potential this collection offers.

What's Inside

Inside the monoPLAY 3D Model Pack, you'll discover a treasure trove of versatile 3D assets, ranging from basic shapes to intricately designed elements. Each model exudes an air of elegance and simplicity, making them ideal for a wide array of creative endeavors. Our initial release features 30+ models, with more to come in future updates.

Creative Freedom, Zero Cost

I believe in the power of creativity without constraints. That's why the monoPLAY 3D Model Pack is offered under the Creative Commons License, allowing you to use, modify, and adapt these assets freely in your projects, both personal and commercial. Enjoy the freedom to enhance your designs without worrying about licensing fees.

3D Format Compatibility & Library

I understand the importance of seamless integration into your creative workflow. That's why I offer the monoPLAY 3D Model Pack in two versatile formats: the original Cinema 4D (C4D) format and the universal FBX 3D format.

C4D file provides the utmost flexibility for users who prefer or work exclusively with Cinema 4D. You'll have access to the native source files, allowing you to easily customize and modify these 3D assets to suit your specific project requirements. This format preserves the intricate details and settings, empowering you to take complete creative control.

FBX files can be seamlessly imported into various 3D modeling and animation software packages, ensuring that you can leverage my assets without any compatibility concerns.

Whether you're a Cinema 4D aficionado looking for editable source files or a user of diverse 3D software in need of universal compatibility, this model pack has you covered. I am committed to making your creative journey as smooth as possible, no matter your preferred software. Explore, customize, and create with confidence.

Seamless integration with Cinema 4D's Asset Browser Database, streamlines your workflow and provides quick access. This compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient design process. Check below for instructions on how to add it to the Asset Browser Database.

Unlock the potential of minimalism in your designs with monoPLAY. Download now and embark on a journey of limitless creativity!

How to add the models to the Cinema 4D Asset Browser Database